India's Foremost Non Profit Initiative To "Alleviate the Rural Envenomation Crisis" 

National Snakebite Initiative

Addressing a Neglected Tropical Disease


About the
National Snakebite Initiative

 “To Alleviate The Rural Envenomation Crisis 

     NSI is India’s first recognized, foremost National level Award Winning Prime organized effort, Addressing the burden &  therapeutic black hole of a Neglected tropical Disease, to Alleviate suffering of Rural Crisis through awareness on Myths, Superstitions & false beliefs of Envenomation treatment, Public health outreach promoting safety &a first aid, medical training on Envenomation Clinical therapy & emergency management for medical professionals & health workers, education for  medical students, Human Snake Conflict mitigating  protocols to protect both Human Wilde life further conservation education & research of endangered & misunderstood Snake species changes in its venom patterns above all promoting, accessing & initiating all relevant forms & applied Studies that helps to alleviate the Envenomation crisis & Address the lack of Medical Skill, information, platform & any improved facility for the Neglected Tropical Disease…

Project key tasks

Aim of the Initiative


  1. Human-Snake Conflict Resolution, Prevention & control
  2. Myth, superstitions Awareness & Species information.
  3. Snake bite First Aid awareness promotion
  4. Primary Treatment & Public Health promotional activities  
  5. Venoms – therapy. Training, Study & Research 
  6. Snakebite & Snake safety Training
  7. Rehabilitation of snake bite victims
  8. Envenomation Victims Study & Survey
  9. Epidemiology Study & training for Medical Professionals &   Government PHC-Centers


  1. Treatment based information support
  2. Snake bite safety training & survey at the High risk rural areas,
  3. Promote Study, Research & Development on the neglected tropical disease.
  4. The project is t
  5. The aim of the project is to protect & prevent deprived agricultural workers, rural children & other populace of high risk regions from Snake, Snake attack, Shock & Snakebite Emergency, further to Alleviate the sufferings caused by Envenomation (snake bite) by providing
  6. argeted to address the emergency, therapeutic black hole & total ignorance on the NTD throughout the country as there is no other organized efforts similar to ours to address & act on the same
  7. Being the foremost initiative started in High risk region of south India our services are extended to surrounded regions and gradually expanding geographical..