India's Foremost Non Profit Initiative To "Alleviate the Rural Envenomation Crisis" 

National Snakebite Initiative

Addressing a Neglected Tropical Disease

GREEN CROSS INDIA Volunteers Join Site

Green Cross India : GC is a grass root level, open, forceful Eco-Development & Conservation based foundation, working in and around India, spreading Environmental Responsibility and Ecological Values among Younger Generations making them realize the value & importance of nature, ecosystem & mean of coexistence, That. The Human Survival is not possible without Eco-Security & Environmental Sustainability.

Further we train & promote youth and women, individually and collectively to participate in every level of work and decision making at of the society and Eco issues to conserve, Protect land, Forest, Wild-life, Ecology, Environment, Water energy, fuel and all natural resources for Ecologically Secured Healthy Survival.

Green Cross India is further a Dynamic and Responsible Organization with a global vision and a local focus

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