India's Foremost Non Profit Initiative To "Alleviate the Rural Envenomation Crisis" 

National Snakebite Initiative

Addressing a Neglected Tropical Disease

Rural Snake Safety Campaign

Rural Snake Safety Campaign is a RURAL outreach Program on Snake Identity, Snake Attack Prevention & Precautionary measures Snakebite Management, First Aid training & Treatment information

            To alleviate the suffering caused by Envenomation situation we have intended to educate & empower rural & urban communities, Local Rural Governmental Schools, Educational Institutions & Industrial Sectors with Awareness information & Training on Snakes, Snake bite, Snake bite prevention, Snake bite Emergency management & First aid Procedures, Treatment Myths & Faith Based Chanting to overcome the worse Human Animal Conflict situation, Snake attacks & Consequences of Faith based Quack medicines   

            The Training Program will be typical Workshop & Seminar on Safety & Awareness Information & training Held in a Community Hall, Premises  or Local Space where the local Rural & Urban Communities will be Gathered Women, Children, families & individuals are educated to handle their own emergency situation instead of fainting in shock, or embracing Death.

A Free Outreach program  with the rare & best information, a typical Campaign with a goal to fit your Safety needs of deprived farmers & Poor agricultural Workers,  varying from One Hour to One Day …

Rural Campaign Programs will be focused on following issues

1. Snakes & Snake Attack - Prevention & control

2. Myth, superstitions Awareness & Species information.

3. Snake bite First Aid awareness promotion

4. Primary Treatment & Public Health promotional information & activities …

Project Partners

CSR Units of  BPO's & Corporates Coimbatore