India's Foremost Non Profit Initiative To "Alleviate the Rural Envenomation Crisis" 

National Snakebite Initiative

Addressing a Neglected Tropical Disease

  Addressing a 
Neglected Farmer Tragedy &

The world wide crisis in Anti-venom supply &
medical training for SNAKEBITE Treatment.        

             The  Burden of Human suffering caused by snake bites has been greatly ignored for far too long in India it remains one of the most neglected of all tropical ‘Diseases’, Snakebite (envenoming) is a particularly cruel misery inflicted on many of the most impoverished it is  common in rural areas of tropical developing countries that mostly affect children or agricultural workers of the down trodden who lack the financial backup’s & basic awareness thousands of snakebite victims die, or are permanently maimed, particularly in the tropics, mostly rural, populations throughout the world Each year, Exactly  because of ...

1.lack of effective treatments – treatments that are readily available in wealthy countries.
2.Wasting of the golden hours by travel in search of hospital that is far from rural villages
3.lack of awareness & Approaching Myth & faith based Chanting and local Native medicine
4.inadequate medicine, specialist & treatment or treatment facilities
5.lack of Awareness on snakes & snake bites
6.lack of improved Anti venom & treatment & training for treatment

Yet there is no

other organized effort similar to "NATIONAL SNAKEBITE INITIATIVE”

to Address & cope with the emergencies arising out of   Snakes, Snakebites, Snakebite treatment, Training & information especially in 

Developing INDIA…




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