India's Foremost Non Profit Initiative To "Alleviate the Rural Envenomation Crisis" 

National Snakebite Initiative

Addressing a Neglected Tropical Disease

Heartbreaking Story of a Humble Farmer (Selvaraju)
Note:  this Article is not to describe the Snakes as Enemy or something it has been the fate of farmers & rural communities in India, hence we request our Readers not to take it in wrong sense assuming Snakes awkwardly, but Definitely  Snakebite (Envenomation) is a brutal Curse & Evil Crisis of rural communities, above all NSI is a Herpetology & Envenomation Research Program - we Conserve, promote & educate Protection of Snakes...  Read More>> 
KARUPAIE – 60 Female lives in periyasemur Erode District – a piety agri worker living in a small hut made of palm leaves  As usual she woke up for new day by early morning 4am but without knowing that it was an unfortunate & unlucky day  At once she woke up suddenly she felt something fell on her chest before she could realize from what’s happening  to her , it slowly sided into her  jacket & crawled into her breasts she thought  it was a lizard or something as usual like other women she screamed & wanted to put it out & at a sudden reacted to pull it out Read More>>